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The Aasha Build – Hope for a home

March 14, 2009

Author: Shivya 

Slumdog Millionaire knocked at our hearts and made us confront, yet again, the hideous reality that some of our fellow countrymen live with, everyday. 170 million Indians, both young and old, still go to sleep with despair on their bedside and a broken thatch roof over their heads, darkness peaking through the whole time. The same people wake up with an expectant ray of hope that someday, people like you and me will help change their lives for the better. 

The Aasha Build is an initiative started to address the pressing need of homing our countrymen, by funding and building a sustainable shelter for their families. Aasha is the Hindi word for hope and The Aasha Build is our chance to give back to our community. Together with the rest of The Aasha Build team, comprising 14 members, I am going to spend 2 weeks in a slum area in Devanahalli, on the outskirts of Bangalore, and aim to construct 5-6 houses (2 stories each) to home 12 families in the region. 

I don’t have to be psychic to know that as we speak, you and I are both sitting in the comfort of our room, taking a break from our daily chores, and trying perhaps (and hopefully) to imagine the lives lived in the slums of India: kids who have been thrusted in such circumstances by a twist of destiny, mothers who have to watch their babies cry for being exposed to the elements of nature, without even a roof to protect them, and fathers who haven’t been able to fend for their own families. Then again, who says life is fair?

Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that aims to provide affordable housing for all, has given this opportunity to us, The Aasha Build team, to do our bit for our world. In the process, I am sure we are going to learn and grow as individuals, moved by the sheer willpower and determination of these families to go about their lives so bravely. Of course, time will reveal the kind of inspiration and hope this experience will bring to us. 

As members of Youth Unite, I hope that you can lend your support to the cause of The Aasha Build. Any comments, feedback, suggestions and wishes are very welcome at The Aasha Build blog.

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill 

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    support the cause …. 🙂

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