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Rulezzz?? Eh??

January 25, 2009
Rules eh??
Till you know something different exists, you never find how good/bad things around you are! Haina?
Ya , I am talking about my experience regarding traffic back home after been in UK for an year!! 

Before :
  •    I never  drove on roads, always a passenger….be it brother’s bike or auto or city bus! So, never really observed roads, markings ya I did observe but my view of why they exist is entirely different from what its meant to be
Now :
  • Seeing the lanes in UK, I always used to say , we don’t have such things in India…..Ya I was indeed ignorant…but I want to know if most people know and because I was not keen on traffic I was ignorant??
  • We have lanes in INDIA – atleast I saw them in hyd and Bangalore!! Good solid roads and wide too [unlike narrow UK lanes!]
  • How many of us do know what are these lanes for? And what are the specific rules to be observed while driving in lanes?
  1.    I dint know!  I gave my driving test [twice coz I failed for the first time] and no one told me about this lane system – all I know is divider is to divide the traffic in opposite directions! There was nothing related to driving in lanes and all!
  2.  Do you know what are the rules? If yes, I am glad that only I am ignorant!
  3. Did you know we have roundabouts and there are particular procedures to drive around them?

The Rules :
  •  AT roundabouts , vehicles coming from right should be given way for obvious reasons because they would already be on the circle!
  •  While at a T junction, if you want to take a right, for heavens sake be right most na! I see so many people [not just autos] stack up left side but with right indicator! This not only creates chaos and traffic jam but also might lead to accidents!
  •  When Taking a right turn, give way to the ones heading straight already in the lane into which you want to go !! That sounds common sense to me, but sadly not seen in my country!
  • Don’t change lanes often , if you have to, indicate! I know, this zig-zag driving is taken to be style in teenagers! But not on busy lanes yaar neither are the people who drive like that are infact not teenagers!
The reasons? :
Enough of ranting and complaining!  There are infact reasons for this which I penned down based on my observations. Might be right , might be wrong…Please add your points as well!
  • No one’s following, so how can we? It might even prove to be fatal! Arent rules those which are followed by majority??? 
  • Autos – Get a space and vroom they come in !! half this way, half that way just juggling between spaces…that’s the main difference in UK and India, I observed.. Gosh, I don’t think these people would be able to manage discipline on roads if autos were there.
  • Two wheelers – it should be similar to Autos! But driven by educated and sensible people. Rest is left for your understanding!
  • Population – Ya, we are so huge in number that, we cant manage effectively if rules are not followed! Its no different in any other country! I see this in London…..its as worse as in Bangalore in London!!! Just for the fact that people are more in number and so more cars and more pedestrians!
  • H&S – Health and Safety – not at all observed in India…..and looooooot of imp abroad!
What can we do about it?
These are just abt us, there is a whole list if we think of what govt can do!
  • Educate people [ I know you may think I am talking like a fool! But it works!]
  • BE SAFE!!
    Publicize the rules properly if anything is new/changed!
 PS : Add any points to this ! Its just my observations and I wanted to spread the word through this!
5 Comments leave one →
  1. January 25, 2009 8:35 am

    good post! n ur observations are really true!

    Will think on and try to add points to this ! 🙂

  2. January 25, 2009 10:54 am

    lol 🙂 just come to T-nagar 🙂

  3. January 25, 2009 2:49 pm

    @ allirekha – Thanks 🙂 do add 🙂

    @ vishesh – T-nagar / Indiranagar / Abids

    its all the same everywhere!

  4. January 27, 2009 6:41 pm

    Hey buddy…

    Nice post.

    I live in Hyderabad and am sick of teh bloody traffic and lack of discipline in the city. I believe there are cities that we can look up to…

    The best city to drive in India is Mumbai. It is the most disciplined city in the entire country.

    I have observed Chennai is excellent. Nagpur is very good. Calcutta is definitely better than Hyderabad.

    The biggest problem is that people are stupid. Since now you’ve come back to India, I hope you’ll drive a car or ride a bike here… And you’ll notice the absolutely stupidity of people by the way they drive. They just don’t care… don’t care at all…

  5. January 30, 2009 11:21 pm

    wonderfully said by you Sahaja 🙂 We Indians generally lack in civic sense. Many drivers were never care about the fellow drivers and especially pedestrians. They were just taking it like the whole road is theirs. In Chennai govt bus drivers are the worst I can say. They never care about stop line, free left and in the rainy season they not at all feel sorry about splashing water on pedestrians. It wont be get solved until everybody become knowledgable on how it affects others.

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