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MaDD – Making a Difference Differently

January 15, 2009


‘To create a world only of responsible/social enterprises and responsible global citizens by changing mindsets, creating large-scale long-term impacts and leading by example.’

When Abhey told us about his dream venture I was excited to know how passionate he was about the whole plan. Inside I also feared will he be able to survive going back to India after being so long in New Zealand.

But now I am sure, with a dream as beautiful as MaDD I shouldn’t have any fears nor jitters. 

Where the idea is all about thriving the zest of youths and widening the social perspectives of sustainable environment, I thought nothing can be better than YOUTHUNITE to share this endeavour.

Youth are vigilant about the current global situations and have fair opinions and expressions. We rant a LOT but do nothing as I had complained in my earlier post. This is what intrigued me about MaDD where someone actually put the foot down and took responsibility to lead the new age India to a world of sustainability.

MaDD is a for-profit social enterprise specializing in Impact Solutions. 

MaDD Outlook:

  •  To bridge the ironical divide between top quality professionals and the toughest problems of development. 
  • To create attractive career paths for the best young brains in the world to tackle these.  
  • To have a strong belief in the power of youth, the need to sensitize them and make them anchors of the MaDD movement. 
  • To have a core approach relying on sustainability as the core driver of the future.  
MaDD Principles

MaDD Principles

MaDD works with companies, non-profits, research organizations, government and financial institutions to achieve, what we call the MaDD Sustainable World.

MaDD has a dynamic team and I have a privilege to personally know one of the co-founders – Abhey Kumar, B.Tech, IIT-Delhi, Masters of Engineering Management, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Here is an excerpt from the interview where Abhey shares his dream with us and talks about the MaDD concept and the how the youths can contribute to this amazing venture:

Q1. How did the concept of MaDD materialize and how long it took to finally get into a shape?

We were working on similar ideas while in final year of engineering at IIT Delhi. The ideas were motivated from what some other institutes (e.g. IIM Calcutta) do – to work with NGOs and provide the energy (and expertise) the students can bring. Gradually, while working for few years in the so-called professional world as Engineers (I was working in NZ and Harpreet was in India), we realised we are not cut just for that and we should be making bigger impact, something that is more meaningful and does real justice to our passions. 

And, then, while I was on holidays in India, one night we had gathered to submit an entry to the Lead India Campaign in 2007. We realised we were just discussing issues and couldn’t decide where to start, merely because of the sheer volume of issues to talk about. The frustration resulted in the two of us to decide to do something, and literally ‘something’. Something that is not part-time or just as a hobby, rather a dedicated ‘effort to make a difference’. We spent the next 6-7 months doing research about what all we can do and where we can start. We zeroed in on consulting as we could make a revenue model out of it – another aim for us is to prove that this field can be a business and can be for-profit. So, there we were, MaDD was born on October 2, 2008. 

MaDD, the name, sums up the basic idea behind everything we want to do i.e. its endless. The aim also includes removing the social differentiation of for-profit and not-for-profit so that the Youth can make social/environmental impact through whatever they do and don’t have to compromise one thing for the other. Gradually, we aim towards our own projects making direct impact on-the-ground. Such projects would be in the field of education, bridging the technology divide between rural and urban India, agriculture and rural empowerment.

Q2. Tell us about some of the projects MaDD is currently working on.

MaDD is just two months old and got registered as a private limited company recently. We have our first project starting by mid-December. We have been asked to evaluate the outcome of a project undertaken by an NGO. The project was commissioned by, which was founded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and Microsoft. The project was to develop and field-test:

delivery model for an Information Communication Technology (ICT) based tool that teaches adult illiterates to read and write in Hindi in just 30 days. 

ICT based tools to support rural entrepreneurs

Our role is to evaluate the outcomes of the research project the NGO undertook at its telecentres.

Do watch the space (and our website) as we grow and start going out in the wilder world with our ideas.

Q3. Sustainabilty seems to be the new buzz word. What is MaDD’s perspective ?

Our philosophy at MaDD is that sustainability is the answer to the issues we keep whinging or finding answers about. The ‘Sustainability’ banner covers financial, social and environmental impact of any entity – be it individuals or organisations. No one aspect is complete individually – holistic growth is what will keep us going long-term.

Q4. How do you think the youths can contribute to the MaDD dream?

As simple as this – do the right thing! Be sustainable in whatever you do i.e. awareness of your impact on the society as well as the environment – be it where you study, where you live, where you play or where you work. 

For the more energetic ones – drop us an e-mail at

Q5. MaDD spreading its wing outside India and touching the lives of poorer economies in Africa and Asia. Is this idea on cards in near future?

Firstly, let me add a point – its not just the poor who need help. It is the non-poors who are doing more damage and we believe they need to act more responsibly – they need a bigger help to change the way they think, the way they perceive success and to show them there is something called – long-term sustainability.

Now, answering your question – it is not on the cards in near future, as such. But, would we ever do it? – Absolutely Yes! Our idea is very simple – start small, prove your point and then get cracking at the bigger issues. So, let us first sort out ourselves, our thinking and our own actions before we go out and see our neighbours. My own house is a big enough challenge, leave alone Delhi or India or the world. 

Thank you Abhey for your valuable time. And I do apologize for taking so long to get this finally ready.

I request my blogging buddies and other users who have got the capacities to promote this platform of MaDD…its a creative endeavour and a bright one. Please grab your PR Hats and talk about this platform…….

We at Youth Unite are writing about betterment and glossy ideas but MaDD is indeed making a difference differently.

Please help MaDD spread its root.

For more info on MaDD  log on to

For publishing in newspapers or magazines, please feel free to contact me or drop a mail at

Thanks in anticipation!!!!

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  1. January 15, 2009 2:19 pm

    superb idea…true enough,we are just “talking” but I do intend to take this to the next level soon.Hope all you guys do come out of your shell soon 🙂

  2. January 16, 2009 5:09 am

    Thank you Vishesh, do tell people about MaDD..thats all the help I need

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