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Why Our India Cannot Innovate, yet

October 6, 2008

India has a population of 1,138,900,000 today. Yet very very little part of India can be bracketed as developed, other than that the 10 Major cities in India is at large, still a Large Village. Is this good or bad is not be judged.

The bar chart above shows the position of different states concerning literacy in 2001.

Kerala’s achievement is remarkable because the proportion of literate people in the area that now constitutes that state at the time of independence was, although higher than rest of India, still low. We need strong educational reforms, which is in direct conflict with political agenda.

India is one of the most diverse nations in terms of religion. Even though Hindus form close to 80 percent of the population, the Indian Muslims form the third largest Muslim population in the world, and the country has large Sikh and Christian populations. India has a Hindu President Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Muslim Vice President Mr. M. Hamid Ansari, a Sikh Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and a Catholic Defence Minister A.K.Antony. The powerful leader of the Congress Partry Sonia Gandhi is a Christian, while the leader of the opposition is L.K. Advani, a Hindu. India had a prominent former Defence Minister George Fernandes, a Christian and a Hindu minister controlling foreign affairs. India’s IAF Chief Fali H. Major is a Parsi. So much tollerance still like local 9/11’s we have Bomb blasts, Gujarats’, Separate States, Kashmir, Religious Conversions and different law for each religion.

Now we have to deal with a uneducated public who think Mahabharata actually happened and what their political leaders and *Film Starts* are saying is actually true. Not to forget a few who thinks that solving Kashmir is hard problem, we have greatest educational institutions like IITs and IIMS right, these are people who can solve almost any problem ask them or hell ask me, I will tell you political morons a solution, if you want.

All that said and done, when one-third of India’s population is living below Poverty line 75.6% of the population living below $2(aprox 80 INR) a day, How will we innovate and why?

Now to the people reading this blog “You and Me are not any well off, if you remember correctly we are still cheap labors

A poor, uneducated and desperate nation, which is craving for a basic life can never progress, people need to be free for a nation to be free. We must have a look at UK how, after WWII they lost every thing and built a better country .


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  1. October 6, 2008 2:46 pm


    well first of all,we need to be happy that at least sooo many people can sign write their name…

    second of all,the diversity is doing us a lot of good,no one has the guts to address the real problem-a few idiots who exploit the poor as you pointed out.And ya you missed this,we even have a “foreigner” who has become a citizen..

    and third of all,i think we are depending too much on the BPOs,i don’t like the idea anyway….

    and fourth of all “have greatest educational institutions like IITs and IIMS right” …hmm…well the government doesn’t want such people man!see there is going to be QUOTA there to..educated people are just meant to be slaves to the goondas….

  2. October 6, 2008 9:23 pm

    very interesting post…
    I am a firm believer that most indians, rich or poor, are secular, but it’s a few, selfish people who provoke the illiterate for their personal gain…otherwise, we are among the most tolerant people in the world…
    Although i wrote earlier about racism in India, it’s done by a relatively smaller section of our society…but even that can be stopped. It’s not as glaring as in the west…
    The most beautiful aspect of the whole thing is, despite the sad situation and the need for reform, we do innovate and succeed (Infosys and Wipro are a few examples)…usually, against all odds…
    We are not a poor country, but a country of poor people…there’s always hope 🙂

    btw…i think u should take off the mahabharatha bit…whether it happened or not, its a religious sentiment and must be respected…

  3. October 6, 2008 11:14 pm

    Very interesting post…..I agree to all that you mentioned in the post!!! I just wanted to clarify a doubt….
    When u said “cheap labor” what do you exactly perceive it as?? Like my perception is “cheap” in the meaning of “comparatively less costly” rather than “comparatively less value”…I hope you understand what I am tryin to say!
    They come and invest because, they would get 3 employees in place of one employee’s salary abroad…..Its because, our currency value is lowering down…..and they stay and business sustains because they get the value they want and may be even better!!
    same case with China….I have seen and worked with few Chinese people here and I should say they are very hardworking!!

  4. chirax permalink*
    October 7, 2008 1:00 pm

    Hi Guys Thanks for your comments
    @vishesh: As you aptly put “exactly..”

    //i think u should take off the mahabharatha bit…whether it happened or not, its a religious sentiment and must be respected…

    Well if you will I am too born in a Hindu family and respect every religion, as it is a set of faith on which people operate and is in their DNA, now tell me one thing should these text which were written along ago to be taken literally? What would you say to something like this :

    Let us stop not saying something in a fear someone might feel bad, That kind of think has brought us here, Let change the approach and speak the absolute truth and Indians we are largely speak only comfortable truth .

    Kaddu, I do not disrespect the point but I feel its time now lets speak up. If not here then where ?


    When I said “cheap labor” what I mean is how we are perceived as around the world.

    a) We do work for 2/3 Foreigners with salary of half of them
    b) We are mostly not the decision makers
    c) We work 24/7/365 because of the fear that, there is someone waiting to take up our jobs for half of the money.
    d)When will this crab mentality go, so that we can work together?

    10 Thoughts Scare This Cheap Indian Labor

  5. October 7, 2008 1:07 pm

    I agree with you Chirax,your reply to Kaddu.Of late i am left with the feeling,let religion go to hell.

  6. October 8, 2008 4:49 pm

    Well, it’s not out of fear or anything that I said that. In fact, I completely agree with you.
    I know that you are trying to make a point in that statement and I absolutely agree that the mahabharatha or any of our epics for that matter, mustn’t be taken literally…
    Besides, I’m not very religious, either…
    You do have a point…we mustn’t hesitate to speak up…
    I agree…point taken… 🙂

    Please don’t take this wrongly or personally…I think this is a great post!!

    I believe that religion is there to create a discipline in our lives and bring the community together…for society’s good and individual happiness…nothing more…
    But our politicians have completely destroyed that notion…they’ve used religion for their own personal gain….the typical Indian is very secular and never holds a persons religion against them…

  7. October 8, 2008 6:02 pm

    I understand what you mean Chirag! I cannot comment on software industry coz I did not experience being one!
    But I am out on an assignment to UK for my first year at work …..and as far as I gather from various people here (though its basically UK citizens, there are many from all over world)….cheap labor is used in the sense I have put before…
    But Ya, I have read your other post, and I think that forms majority of suddenly highly earning youth of India….
    I did not still figure out how could we possibly find a way out!! But I am in hope, that everyone would start to think the way we think….and this would bring the change( though slow)

  8. October 9, 2008 11:37 am

    Nice post. “Cheap labour” concept is so very true. Even in China, the hardware manufacturing has been outsourced excatly for the same reason. But they have also learnt from it, worked hard and made their own products. For example, a company called Huawei initially manufactured for Cisco, but now has its own line of produts (Huawei/3Com) and is challenging Cisco (atleast in China). Nothing like this has happened in India, as far as I know.

    Secondly, an epic like ‘Mahabharata’ need not be true. It need not be history. (That’s why it’s not a part of our history syllabus.) But the purpose of Epic stories (Whether true or false) is to impart certain messages to the people. Through a story like narrative, it clarifies to the common man, certain general aspects expected out of a civilization like – belief that justice would be served at the end, better be good than bad and other such moral concepts which will not be accepted if told straight on the face. Mahabharata is an excellent tale which brings out almost all the emotions known to human mind, clarifies a lot of questions which cannot be answered, brings out certain philosophies which can relate to cause/ effect (for example) and still is an interesting story for the common man. I am not aware of any other single story which has created so much impact on a civilization. Except perhaps the epic stories of some other religions. Everything related to religion is not bad! If Science is misused by certain people – we blame the people but if religion is misused by certain people – we blame the religion. Not fair.

    Destination Infinity

  9. January 2, 2009 11:14 am

    Well, you are talking about the higher education section. But Education as a lot in India is a fucked up issue and after the announcement of new education bill, it is quite clear that government want a breed of mediocre citizens with no ability to use brain cells.

    Anyways if we look over the inefficiencies of education system in India, it becomes clear that the plannings of providing complete education/literacy is nothin but a Myth.
    But then government is hell bent to provide literacy/not education.

    On one hand government announces education as a fundamental right (a fundamental right? What a shame) on other hand, Government by its interventionism tactics proves Government doesn’t want poor people to be educated.

    We need to cull government, otherwise, the crop of educated unemployed will be so high, that the problems like you put forward( educated labors) will become an inevitable truth.


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