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September 27, 2008

Violence is every where.Bomb blasts,attack on Christians etc etc.What is our country coming to,is a good question.The fact is,we all don’t like it,yet all we do,is murmur to ourselves or to our family and neighbours ,that our country is going to the dogs,literally.Sorry i can’t show respect to people,who don’t have any respect for themselves or for what they supposedly represent.No where,in Hinduism,as far as i know-in no religious text or saying,is there reference to killing poeple and breaking a nation,village by village,town by town,city by city.These people are not only against the “other” religions,but also against hinduism.And it is not only these “hindus”(in quotes,because in the first place,i don’t even consider these creatures as humans) but creatures from other religions too.The fact is,they use religion as their reason to commit such inhumane acts,but they themselves kill their own people.

We don’t know,what they gain by destorying things,which took human effort and natural resources to build.All I know,is they have no right to destory,what they haven’t made.So what do we do?They have well established networks,to carry out their plans.We the “good” don’t have such networks.All we do is panic and struggle and cry foul at their deeds.It is time for action.While we cannot go out and start hunting for these people,we hire people for that,i.e. the forces ,the police,CBI etc(corruption,well that is another thing),but we can as citizens of not just our country,but as the citizens of the world,do our bit.We need to put the message we are against what you do,everywhere.

We are not innocent too.It was us,who in the past,picked up the weapons,in the name “good” fight and “to teach a lesson”.Why even today,we here of teachers hitting children.Do they even think of the physcological impact their action will have? Why is telling a child something,that impossible?Why can’t they hug the child instead? Personally,i feel,a person uses violence only when they feel insecure or are not capable of handleing something.The same child,who is not in a position to retailate,would someday,grow up to take his revenge by destorying a country.Of course we can give examples of those people,who rose between all this into greatness,but then they were those who understood what was happening.The past is past,we should try and reason with them.Picking up weapons and killing them,is a way of acknowledge their acts.We all have a million quotes for everything,so here is one of them,

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

So let us together say ” WE SAY NO TO VIOLENCE! ”



the light shines the brightest

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  1. September 28, 2008 11:56 am

    I have read some where – “One smile can do what hundred wars cannot”. I think it is more to do with the society as a whole rather than individuals. These people are convinced that violence is the only way – because they have lost confidence in everything else – the cops, courts and law. We have allowed this to happen. Maybe we (as a society) should also concentrate on bringing back the confidence on the law-enforcement institutions, so that they can tackle these things. It is after all their job, right?

    Destination Infinity

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