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August 20, 2008

The weight of this word is growing with every passing day, especially on people like me; falling in the same age group and doing the same work as i am – studying. You see, we are the ones who are expected to form better citizens and ensure a “lead kindly light” sort of future to the country, right? So the gravity of the matter appears greater. However, i feel that, responsibility is to be held by everyone with relatively equal importance, according to their work. A good student should be responsible for his future, a good parent for his children, a politician for his people, an actor for his fan-following, a cop (or any public servant, for that matter) for the society, a good lover for his loved one(s) and so on. There can be none without this feeling, no matter how small it is.

I was being cornered by my father every time i was into some mischief, saying that i should grow up and be responsible. It didn’t end with that. I had to go through the same lecture many times thereafter, from my mother, teachers, uncles, aunts, older cousins, and at times, in a lighter vein, from my younger brother too! Man, it was too much. In course of time, i began wondering, what is the need of responsibility when people are doing what they have to. My father earns for the family, my mother maintains it superbly, I and my bro study well enough to save ourselves the comparison with first-class-someones (All this apart from having lovable times at dinner together, and at other occasions too!). And coming to the broader picture, everyone in this world is doing some job which will keep their loved ones and well wishers, contented and happy.

But you know something, as it happens with all things, I started growing older, and coming out from the innocence of a child and his ignorance about the actual world. And, the earlier thinking was not mature enough on my part. I realized it. But the point was that i could not really understand what responsibility actually was, even after that small ‘enlightenment’. (i guess, that enlightenment hadn’t lighted up my mind fully! ;) ) However, my quest for this piece of knowledge wasn’t going to end very soon.

The years of adolescence did make me hard by heart. Whatever little juvenile “tender heartedness” was present, had left me. It made me feel free, and i was going to care a damn about being irresponsible, simply because, i didn’t want to care. However, something else had been cooking up in my fortune. Instead of being a rambo that i wanted to be, i was about to become a romeo. I started to have feelings for a girl. This thing, sort of changed my angle of thinking. The state, in which you wanted to see the girl, changed into a feeling that urged you to be with her, then making you feel that you should ask her out, feel for her, feel like her and so on. Then, when i thought i was serious about this girl becoming my ‘Cupid’s gift’, a different feeling struck me for the first time. Though i felt it very weakly, i wanted to be responsible for this girl, who had come just like a lightening strike in my life. God!. That was a nice feeling. I was thinking about myself as a grown-up, as a man ready to take on the forebodings of life. So, this was responsibility, or was it?

Being taught by my little experience, the lesson of responsibility sinked into me, bit by bit. After all these experiments with myself and the things that happened to me, I found myself in a curious situation. The job placements had started in my college. After cracking the aptitude which was not that hard, I was sitting with an interviewer who was supposed to handle both Technical and HR. I was refreshing my memory regarding the questions that may be popped at me.The technicals were answerable. And LO! An unexpected question! “So Mr.Sriharsha, how would you define responsibility?” I was freaked out at this. I hadn’t prepared for this sudden synopsis of my experiment. I had to think for a while. Why were my father, mother, teacher etc., asking of responsibility from me? Did they want me to do something? Something other than what i had done all those times? And it boiled down to one thing. They were all expecting something from me and i wasn’t doing it. They, being very much elder to me, expected something of their level of maturity from me. And i had to do just that to be labeled Responsible. It seemed to be a logical answer. “Sir, Responsibility is living up to the expectations, people have on me.”

I take pride in saying that the interviewer was interested in considering my answer and finally he accepted it satisfactorily. Right after coming out of the room, i had a weird thought that i was preparing all my life for this moment, just to answer this question. After all, we are always preparing for many unforeseen situations and surprises offered to us by this responsible journey – Life. And in leading your life you should be exceeding your own expectations!

Thank you. Su.

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  1. August 20, 2008 9:27 pm

    nice post 🙂
    /*And in leading your life you should be exceeding your own expectations! */

    well then as a society what are expectations? and who is to fulfill it? and how?

  2. August 20, 2008 9:49 pm

    Good post!

  3. August 21, 2008 10:55 pm

    As a youth what are you responsible for? For others expectations?? Hmm it works in words but not in real life. If u do so, u lose your identity as what u want to be.

    Vishesh- As a youth club here, have u guyz done something out in real life to help others?

  4. August 22, 2008 3:54 pm

    @pria: not yet,but hope to in the future 🙂

  5. August 22, 2008 5:13 pm

    @Vishesh : Thank you. Can you re-frame your question please?

    @Reema : Thnx a lot. 🙂

    @Pria : Hello! 🙂 you have made a good point. but, will just being responsible form the whole of your life? for that matter will just being yourself be your way of living, forever? I think both are a part of our lives and should be done in appropriate proportions.
    Doing something outside sounds great. If it were an online job, all could have done it simultaneously. But, in real life, we are from different places. So, should we make a list of who comes from where to start off?

  6. August 22, 2008 6:04 pm


    You can always or never satisfy someone’s expectation unless you know where you stand.

    But, in real life, we are from different places. –

    Wherever you are, you can still contribute:)

    should we make a list of who comes from where to start off-

    It depends.. If ther a few who live in the same city can join together, if not it goes individual way and they can share their thoughts here.

  7. August 22, 2008 9:07 pm

    @Pria : i see it the other way round. You can know where you stand if you have a fair idea abt someone’s expectations.
    Thats a good idea! 🙂

  8. August 23, 2008 2:53 pm

    Being ‘Responsible’ .. doesnt mean living up to the expectations, people have on us !
    as youth we can be responsible nt just working out together as a group or something…
    if u see a small child throwing the rubbish out on the road … as an elder one we can stop them definitely ( not by means of force) 😉 …n help them nt just them..then we are responsible … this is a just a small example from my view point 🙂 like wise there are many many small small things that we can do

  9. August 23, 2008 8:03 pm

    Nice stuff there!! 🙂

    @ Allirekha
    I agree with you when you say that you don’t really have to live up to ppl’s expectations to be responsible…

    You are responsible for the little things you do!! Stuff that others might not even notice….

  10. August 28, 2008 3:44 pm

    Well-summed up description of a journey of self-discovering. 🙂

    For me, responsibility is the ability to own up for your actions. If you are responsible, you don’t give excuses for failures. If you are responsible, you take success as a stepping stone and not as the end of the ladder. It is all about being able to face yourself at the end of the day. And it is an integral part of consciencious. So the only scope of comparison is with yourself.


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