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In the name of Adoption…

August 7, 2008

An ad i read in the classifieds column of a useless magazine (i call it useless cos if they publish stuff like this, and they have trashy articles filling their pages, they are USELESS..hmfph) .. anyways, here is what i read…. Decide for yourself after reading it!!

” Wanted fair, good looking hindu vegetarian girl, between 6yrs and below 12 years of age, who studies well for foster care or adoption. Please contact….. ” bla bla  […cos i lost it about there and did not proceed to read further….].

Ok…. Now that is one interesting AD wouldnt you say?

This couple wants to care for a child… and are so specific/stuck up[call it whatever you want] about it, they might as well bring home a stuffed doll and take care of it..

I mean… Good looking… Good at studies…. ya,right!!! i cant think of any 6-12yr old who would want to go to such a home where they are so stuck up…

here’s a scene:

What if the girl they bring home is smart, and even a genius, but later on becomes a duh, dence character? does she get thrown out?

And what if the girl is not so smart now, but learns and catches on later… doesnt she deserve a chance as well???

Dont even get me started on the looks aspect….

i do understand someone wanting a girl between certain age group, or even Hindu vegetarian (to a certain extent) , but what are you trying to do??? how can you do this to kids who are homeless and just longing for some love and affection?? why do you take your class and distinction there as well??? Sigh!!

Adoption is such a beautiful thing… bring home a child who has no home, give them love, care, and everything he/she would dream of and give the child a beautiful home…

The child could be of any color, caste, size, IQ level, all that matters is the family has someone to shower their love over, and for a child, its a whole new world, they get a mom, dad, sisters/brothers, uncles/aunts, and much more, which they would have just dreamt of..

What is the world coming to?

You can read the original version here..

Author: Aaarti

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  1. August 9, 2008 11:19 pm

    Adoption is a very sensitive issue. A lot of thought should go before you decide to adopt an orphan. It is not what the child has but what you can give to the child that matters. You are dealing with life here!

    PS: Administrators please note the futility of the above comment/advertisement.

  2. August 10, 2008 9:16 am

    @Illuminator Thanks. I’ll remove that comment.

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